What are the revolutions you are facing?  What are your answer to them?

There is a global waste crisis that has grown over the past 50-60 years.  Loop solves for disposability at the root cause by providing consumers with durable packaging that even includes new features and beautiful design. The packaging will be reused over and over and recycled by TerraCycle at the end of its useful life.


What are the specificities of your activities? market? country?

Loop launched to consumers May 14th in Paris and May 21st in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington, DC and Pennsylvania.  In July Loop expanded to the northeast United States; Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont.  Loop is planning to scale by adding more consumers to each active market as well as expanding to new markets including London, Toronto, California, Tokyo and Germany in 2020.


How do you see the retail in 5 years?

We know consumers are addicted to convenience. When given the option of convenience or sustainability, convenience usually wins. In the future brands and retailers will need to find new ways to delight their consumers, without sacrificing on cost or convenience. Business models like Loop deliver on these value propositions in the most sustainable way available today.


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